Understanding Precious Metals with Dunwoody Diamonds USA: Platinum

Debunking Myths


Platinum is too expensive


Gold prices are higher than platinum, and platinum will increase in value quicker.

Platinum is the strongest and most durable precious metal that will ensure the security of all of your stones. By using Platinum, you can be sure that every heirloom you create will be a masterpiece.

What to look for?

The format of precious metal purity stamps can vary depending on when and where the heirloom was made. Platinum is stamped with a millesimal fineness rating. A millesimal fineness rating is used to measure in parts-per-thousand of the items primary precious metal compared to the other metals it is alloyed with.

Platinum is stamped with:

Love & Elegance that will last a lifetime

Platinum is Pure:

Alloys are 90-95% pure platinum, whereas 18k gold is 75% gold. Platinum’s purity also makes it an ideal hypoallergenic choice, especially for those seeking a naturally clean white metal.

Platinum is Rare:

Platinum is 30 times more rare than gold. In fact, it takes ten tons of ore and five months to produce just one ounce of platinum.

Platinum is Strong:

It’s actually one of the world’s strongest and most enduring metals. It is one of the heaviest, too, weighing 60% more than gold and also more malleable.

Platinum is Durable:

Platinum holds your customer’s precious stones in place and needs less maintenance in comparison to other metals. Prongs are durable and resist wear over time.

Platinum is Distinctive:

Platinum’s sheen is different from silver or white gold. It has a distinctive white tone all its own. Plus, there’s no need to rhodium plate this precious metal.

Still Prefer Gold?

Even if you choose a different precious metal for your heirloom, try setting it with a platinum head, or crown, to protect the center stone. Platinum provides an extra form of assurance.

Fun Fact!

Platinum is so rare that all of the platinum in the world that has been mined could fit into the average American living room.


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