Stunning Diamond Stud Earrings in 3, 2, 1!

Classic Cocktail-Styles 

When it comes to the classic diamond stud earrings, a cocktail-style is considered to be one of the most popular styles. Its name comes from the resemblance of a martini or cocktail glass when glanced at from its profile.


Bold Bezel Settings

For the second classic diamond stud, a bezel setting is next on the list. This sleek style adds extra security to diamond studs, making them perfect for your contemporary and active customers. Although this setting is a modern and bold statement, bezel settings are among the oldest jewelry settings used throughout history.


Smaller Carat Size

The best pieces come in small packages! This can be true whenever it comes to diamond stud earrings. More petite and dainty diamond studs have become more popular for people that enjoy the look of a busy ear that’s full of diamonds.


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